How Does This Work? - #1

Food Pickup & Prep - Members of FNB (Food Not Bombs) collaborate with community gardens, local grocery stores, local farms and other sources of surplus produce, to pick-up the items. Once accounted for, sorting, cleaning, chopping and freezing of the items ensures they will last until Sunday and be readily available for those cooking and sharing that week.

"We're just having a cookout. People are hungry, and they need food. The soup kitchen don't open until 5 o'clockThis is just re-distribution of food that would be wasted." - local resident; Martha Allen

How Does This Work? - #2

Cooking & Sharing - Volunteers arrive at the First Church in Middletown, who have so graciously allowed us to use their commercial kitchen for this weekly event. From 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, planning, thawing and cooking of the meal for that day is carried out. 

"It would be a shame not to share it, and it's a great thing to get together and break bread." Wesleyan junior; Chloe Bolton
All finished dishes are then loaded up on a cart and wheeled over to the Buttonwood Tree on Main Street. They were also gracious by allowing us to use their fold-up tables.

How Does This Work? - #3

Cleanup & Responsibility - After everyone has enjoyed the food, the table is cleaned, folded and returned to the Buttonwood Tree. The empty trays are then carted back to the First Church for cleaning around 2:00 pm, or as soon as all the food has been eaten.

Back in the kitchen, trays and utensils are cleaned and put away. The floor is swept and trash is taken out. Essentially, the condition of the kitchen is returned to the condition we found it in, or better.