Back On My Feet Again

Restoring the community by helping those down on their luck, get back on their feet again.

What Creates Homelessness?

How many Americans do you know who have suffered an injury or illness that resulted in lost time at work - or worse - the loss of their mortgage/housing over medical bills they could not pay?

Do you personally know someone with an addition? Then you would also understand that once you are addicted, "getting out" means somehow keeping that addiction under control, keeping your job and being able to afford therapy... 

There are so many reasons an adult can be financially "knocked to the ground". The "Back On My Feet Again" plan is to offer a hand to help those Americans back up. It's the noble thing to do and it's easier than we think.

How Does This Help?

Giving someone a second chance, not only removes that person from the homelessness statistic, but that individual understands the situation first-hand. S/he will be the next person to extend a helping hand, once on their own two feet again.

Why is This Important?

A community is a "team of athletes" that performs each day to "get the job done", so we can enjoy the down time we have "off the field".

When a team member suffers an injury, the over-all performance of the team can, and will, suffer from the loss. We can't prevent injuries, but we can offer real help to bring those players back in the game.

What's The Plan?

On a "case-by-case" basis: 
  1. Understand why that individual is homeless
  2. Join forces with current groups that feed, offer showers, hair cuts, etc.
  3. Coordinate those groups into a step-by-step plan for each individual based on his/her needs
  4. Top off the step-by-step plan with social services to help the individual find work

How Can I Help?

Are you a member/volunteer of a group that already offers help to the homeless?  Do you have a business or finance degree (or possess helpful knowledge of any kind) and wouldn't mind offering a free lecture/advice?