Why We're Different

Share - to make food accessible to everyone who needs it, we offer what we have collected to the needy public by sharing, not serving. Sharing with our neighbors also means that we eat with those we share the food with. In doing so, we are not offering a service, but offering our compassion and understanding. 

Surplus - with upwards of 40% of all food being wasted, we "rescue" this surplus to show that if the right action is taken, food waste can be dramatically reduced. Among those less fortunate who join us each week, are people who are enduring expensive and debilitating illnesses that prevent them from having access to a steady (and healthy) supply of food.

Not a Soup Kitchen - we are a community with a message that there is plenty of food for everyone if we simply make it available. This is not a charity, but solidarity (mutual support).

for their continued support and generosity

Access to Food is a Right,
Not a Privilege

FOOD ACCESS is the problem, not food scarcity. Our effort and message goal is to end the political and economic causes of hunger and poverty.

People United - When one team member is injured, the team as a whole suffers. As a Nation, we must stand by and help each other so we, as a team, can stay strong socially, economically and morally. At FNB, our "team" is international with a global presence that grows like wild flowers.

Food is Central to our Everyday Lives - it's our pleasure, gratitude, health and livelihood. The way we eat, and think about, food is the key to our independence or our oppression; and what goes around, comes around. 

Take Back Your Power - by never supporting abuse or exploitation with the most powerful vote we all have - boycott foods, goods and services that directly support the oppressors. It's the only way the general public can "break the financial back" of any business, person or entity of power and/or wealth. 

Support Local Agriculture - and even learn to grow your own food. Even if it's not much, it is better than nothing and the lessons learned are priceless. 

The 3 Principles of FNB:
  1. The food is Vegan or Vegetarian (to ensure food safety & ethical standards) and available to all. 

  2. We have no leaders and use the process of consensus to make decisions. 

  3. We are dedicated to nonviolent direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence.

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